Monday, February 24, 2014

It's 100 Day!!!

So our 100th Day of School was about 3 weeks ago and I am just now getting around to sharing our fun.  Here are just a few activities from our fun filled day:

A view coming into the classroom.  I taped balloons around the frame of the door for the kids to walk in through.  Then I had blown up 100 balloons and left them loose all over the floor.  They LOVED it!!

Here are some 100 year old cuties!!

Love the pony tail!

For one of our activities the kiddos had to estimate what they thought weighed 100 pounds!  it was so funny to see some of the things they would put into the box.  The closest group to 100 was only about 58 pounds.

Another fun activity was to predict and investigate what ingredients were on the inside of a 100 grand chocolate bar.

 Another super fun activity was that the kiddos had to predict what 100 drops of water would look like and then count out and measure 100 drops of water.

Of course these were just a few of the activities we did.  If you would like to try some of these in your classroom, you can get yours from Andrea Knight's packet 100 Days Of School This is a great resource packed full of a whole days worth of fabulous activities!  Thanks Andrea!!

And of course this is the 100 day old version of Mrs. Gingras (of course I look more like a wicked librarian……) Oh well, I tried!


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