Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Summer Book Bash Linky

Summer time is a fun time.  Parents ask me all the time about what they can do to help their child over the summer.  My initial response is, "Let them be kids, have fun, play outside with them, climb trees, ride bikes, take a nature walk, and at bedtime read a good story together." I strongly believe in letting the kids be kids and to not overwork them. However, as a teacher I also know that there is a "Summer Slide" that occurs if the kiddos don't practice their reading skills at least a few times a week over the summer. I have a few suggestions that can help keep this "Summer Slide" from occurring.  The suggestions vary depending on my students reading level at the end of the year. 
For higher Kindergarten and First graders, I like to suggest that kiddos begin reading mini chapter books such as Junie B. Jones, The A-Z Mysteries, and The Magic Tree House. These books all make GREAT conversation pieces because the kiddos can really relate to them.  I tell parents to read a chapter a night (or every other night b/c you know there will be those Movie in the pool nights) WITH their kiddos. After reading and before giving those sweet good night kiss, I tell parents that they should quickly chat with their child about their favorite part, how the character was feeling and what caused the feelings to happen, or to try and predict what will happen in the next chapter. 

For my lower leveled readers I send home a letter (actually every child gets the letter) that tells the parents their child's current reading level and gives them tips on how to help them with their reading over the summer. {Of course I always tell parents and kiddos about Gerald and Piggie by Mo Willems (my absolute FAV!!)} I suggest to parents that they go to the Scholastic Book Wizard Website and search for books on their child's reading level. When they find the books, they can always look for them in a different store or on Amazon to find a cheaper price if they need to. I also teach my parents how to use the 5 finger rule to find "Just Right" books if they are out at Walmart, Target, or any bookstore and don't have the site available to them.  Here is a FREEBIE download of the posters I use to teach parents (and students) this easy book shopping technique:

I hope you have picked up a few good tips and books along our hop. Be sure to click on over to Kindergarten Squared to grab some more freebies and discover more AWESOME summer reading ideas and books!

Can you add any favorite mini Chapter book series to my short list?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Giveaway!

I recently have been put on leave for a back surgery. My sweet kiddos sent in a HUGE envelope of letters.  I loved seeing these little tokens of love and appreciation from some of my most favorite people. It really helped to brighten my spirits.

This little cutie even added a punctuation hunt on the back of his card so I wouldn't get to bored. It  is these little things that really make me (as a teacher) feel appreciated. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and guess what? I appreciate all of you so..............

I have teamed up with some friends to host a GIVEAWAY just for you! Teachers are awesome and deserve a little something special! Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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