Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Teachers Are Heroes SALE!!

Teachers are the BEST kinds of HEROS and I am celebrating ALL teachers by joining in on the TpT Teachers Are Hero's SALE. Everything in my store will be 20% off On February 25. Just use the Promo Code: HEROES at check out!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Math Dice Games

We LOVE playing in order to learn.  One of the best ways to play includes working together using math strategies that we have learned to solve problems.  This activity provides TONS of practice with three addend math problems.  All the kiddos need are dice, and their Math Journals! SUPER FUN to play, SUPER EASY to set up, SUPER INDEPENDENT practice for all!

First, we spread out around the room in groups of three.

Then, each partner takes a turn rolling the dice and everyone sites the number that each partner rolls in their Math Journals.  They have to work together to decide what order they want to write the new addition sentence.

Then they work together to decide which math strategy to use to solve the problem. (For example, they use their knowledge of counting on, doubles, doubles +/-1, etc. to make the best decision on HOW to solve the problem.) Then they write why they solved the problem using that particular strategy (or strategies if they used more than one to solve).

In the end, their Math Journals are full of three addend number sentences that they have worked together to create, solve, and discuss!

After playing once or twice with the whole class involved in the outcome, the kiddos LOVE to grab their tools and play alone.  This becomes a HUGE favorite in my classroom. (Parents, it is AWESOME/EASY for practice at home.)

For more fun dice games, I have this Giant Dice Games For Math Centers packet in my store:
It has 42 pages with 15 different whole class and center activities. It includes identifying numbers 1-20, addition facts for numbers 1-20, 1 more/less than numbers 1-20, and 10 more than numbers 1-10.  It has color and black and white available within the packet in case you want to create one or two as Math Tubs/Centers and save the ink for whole class activities! The best part, it is only $2.00 in my TpT store.  (Click the link above if you are interested!)

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pull My String

What time is it? That's right it's time for

Just head over to Kindergarten Boom Boom TpT Store to SAVE BIG on all my products!

In the classroom we have been learning about Force of Motion and Gravity. There are tons of great experiments, links, detailed lesson plans, and activities in my Force Of Motion Pack.

 Here are a few fun shots of the kiddos working together using a push or a pull to move a cup on strings. (Which is just one of the many hands on experiments that is in this pack.)

  Have you tried this yet with your kiddos?? Thanks for reading! Have a happy week! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

What's My Word?

This is a quick little game that we play in our classroom to help practice our sight words and our spelling words. The kiddos have so much fun playing that I thought I would share their excitement and just maybe introduce you to a new game (or remind you of an old good one) for your own class. {And parents if you are reading, this is PERFECT for you to do with your own student at home!}

1. First post the words somewhere that all the kiddos can see them. Then assign someone to be the "teacher/Partner A" and someone to be the "student/Partner B". Next have the "Partner B's" get whiteboards, expo markers, an eraser, and then bring it back to the floor.

2. Then the "Partner B" should sit with their backs to the words and have the whiteboards in their laps. Next "Partner A" should read a word (in their head)- from wherever you posted them - and quietly draw one letter at a time on the "Partner B's" back.  {You should model the correct amount of force to use when drawing and how to use the TIP of their finger and NOT their finger nail......let's just say we learned that one the hard way!!}

3. As Partner A draws a letter then Partner B should be writing it on the board.  I ask Partner A to draw the letters large, to go slowly-one letter at a time, and to NOT move on to the next letter until Partner B has written the correct letter on their board.

****To make this game more difficult take the board away and see if the kiddos can track the letters in their mind and then say the word.

Short and sweet tonight! I hope you can use this in your room!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gingerbread Fever FREEBIE!!

I love using the Gingerbread Man Stories at Christmas time to teach compare/contrast, sequencing, characters, settings, retelling, and really just about everything!  This year I am doing 6 different stories with my kiddos.  We use a graphic organizer to keep track of all of our thinking and then glue it into our reading journals.  Then we will practice a Reader's theater and perform it for other classmates and other classes in our school.  Here are the stories that I LOVE to use for this unit.

This is adaptation of the original version of the story.

This is another adaptation of the original version of the story.

 Meet the Gingerbread Man's sister!  The kiddos LOVE the twists and twirls in this story (especially at the end).

Meet The Gingerbread Baby! The kiddos love the surprise ending in this story.

Of course the Gingerbread baby needs some friends! This story tells about how he gets them.

Oh No! Santa is coming! How will the Gingerbread captain save his pirates and his ship? The kiddos love seeing how the day is saved in this adorable story!

These are just a few of my FAVORITE Gingerbread tales.  There are many more out there!

As a class we go through each story and chart the story elements on the following graphic organizer. I model and they copy at first, then we begin to share the pen, then they begin filling out the class chart alone, and finally by the 6th story they are able to complete the entire story row independently. If you would like to try this out, just click Gingerbread Organizer

(In the download, one chart has lines and one chart does not. You can choose which one you prefer to use with your class.)

And finally we put on a reader's theater.  This pack is not on my store just yet but will be soon so keep an eye out for it!  If you love the Gingerbread units as much as I do, you will want to see this Readers Theater and Retelling pack!

Here is a preview:

2 different styles of Reader's theater to save paper...........


Plus a retelling storyboard and characters activity!  So much fun!  Do you have any favorite Gingerbread stories? I would love to know if there are any good ones out there that I might be missing!

Have a FABULOUS Christmas break everyone!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cyber Sale

Click Merry Christmas From Kindergarten Boom Boom to head to my store!

My shopping cart is FULL! I am so excited to finally be able to unload some of my wish listed items. Are you? (Alright that was a silly question!) Don't forget to add the Promo Code TPTCYBER at checkout for even more savings!! Happy Shopping!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Florida Blogger Meet Up 2014

I had the wonderful privilege of meeting up with some VERY FABULOUS teacher bloggers on October 11th.  We met at Sea World and got to chat about our classrooms, learn new management techniques, and just plain ole have a good time.  It was so great to meet these lovely ladies.

Meet Eylse from A is for Apples and Dana from Teaching With Southern Style

Meet Meredith from Creativity To The Core

Some more great new friends!

These are the fabulous ladies that put this whole shin dig together! (Melissa, Bridget, Amy, Mary) Thanks so much ladies it was so great to finally meet you!

And I don't wanna forget all the fabulous prizes and sponsors of our FABULOUS get together. We were so excited to get all this FREE stuff! Teachers LOVE LOVE LOVE Free stuff!! :0)

These cupcakes were to die for!! YUM!

And the best card ever.............

And that about does it for my Quick trip down memory lane.  I hope that if you are a Florida Blogger and you didn't get a chance to join us this time that you will be able to next year!! Great fun ladies!

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