Sunday, August 2, 2015

What August Brings.....

August brings school supply shopping, excited kiddos and teachers, nervous parents, and BEST OF ALL the site wide TpT sale!  August 3-4 everything in my store is up to 28% off using the code BTS15 at check out.  But if you happen to miss those days, my store will still be on sale for 20% off of everything on August 5th!  I am so excited to snag some of my wish list items!! How about you??

Sunday, July 5, 2015

JuLy is fLy! (As in flying to VEGAS)

I love the month of July for several reasons!! First of all it is my birthday month (yes, I said month b/c I celebrate all month long!) and second, it is the time of year that the annual TPT Conference happens!!! I am so excited to be headed to VEGAS in just a few days.  I can't wait to see some far away blogger buddies and to meet some new ones!
I have noticed some blogs are offering tips for those of us going to Vegas.  They all mention things like: air port travel/safety, what to pack, what to wear, what shows to see, how to print off your notes for the sessions, and which blogger meet ups to attend (which I am totally BUMMED out about a few b/c they were sold out before I could get tickets).  I have one tip that I hadn't seen written or stated that I would like to add to this ongoing list of preparations.
Obtain and Save ALL your receipts!!!!
This is a great opportunity to learn about our craft as teacher entrepreneurs.  You are taking this trip to educate yourself on your business endeavors and meet wonderful people who are interested in the same thing........TEACHING and MOLDING the little minds of our world. Obtain and save those receipts so that you can claim it on your taxes.  After all, we are teachers and we ALL know how little we make. In fact, for many of you it is probably because of TpT that you are even able to take this trip and have this learning opportunity!

In honor of our FABULOUS opportunity to learn and grow, AND because it is my Birthday, I wanted to share this little FREEBIE with you! 
It is a simple back to school activity that will help reinforce your classroom procedures! Just click All About My Class to get it from my store.

If you are joining the conference this year,  I hope my tip helps you out and that you have a WONDERFUL time in VEGAS!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Inside Outside Circles

Have you ever heard of this? It is a quick, engaging, and SUPER fun game that your kiddos can play with really topic. It's called Inside/Outside Circles.  For this particular lesson we were learning all about  greater than/ less than math problems using the popular alligator mouth. The first thing you do is split your class in half. Then create one circle (the inside circle) where everyone is facing out and another circle (the outside circle) around the outside of that circle where the kiddos are facing one of the "inside circle" members. The inside circle person comes up with a math problem and writes it on their wipe boards. Then when I say show them, they turn their boards to show the outside circle person the problem.  The outside person then solves the problem. The inside person should then check it, and compliment/coach the outside persons work.  Then when I say rotate the inside circle stays still while the outside circle moves to the right to a NEW inside person.  Then we repeat the process. After awhile, I will switch the roles of the inside/outside people so that everyone gets a chance to make up the problems. This is a great way to develop those higher thinking skills because they are making up the problems themselves. The kiddos always have a blast with this game! Here are some pictures of my kiddos playing:

The BEST thing about this game is that its FREE, HIGHLY ENGAGING, and can go with ANY topic you are studying!  I hope you can use this activity to keep your kiddos interest peeked as you close out your year!
P/S It is important to model this game VERY slowly to begin with as the moving can be confusing at first!

Monday, May 4, 2015

TeAcHeR ApPreCiaTioN Week!

Happy teacher appreciation week!  In honor of YOU I am joining TpT's site wide sale from May 5-May 6. You can get 20% off EVERYTHING in my Kindergarten Boom Boom Store by entering the coupon code: ThankYou
Thanks for being such a valuable person in at least 20 little people's lives!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Don't Forget Memorial Day!

Each year it seems that the end of the year comes fast.  Between EOY assessments, profile cards, student portfolios, cume folders, teacher observations, PDPs, IEPs, EOY celebrations/graduations, field days, and so much more, I felt that Memorial Day somehow would get lost in the shuffle. I certainly want to celebrate all that my kiddos have achieved so far in their learning careers but I also want them to have gratitude for those men and women who help make it possible.  I started thinking what can we do to honor those soldiers who have laid their lives on the line so that we could be free to help our littles learn.  So each year we read, study, craft, and give for our soldiers. 
We start with reading. I have found several books to read about Memorial Day that are easy for my kiddos to understand. Below are some of my favorites.
Next we study. We spend alot of time researching on line. There are several links on You Tube that are age appropriate on this topic (but be sure to preview them first).  Here is one that is great because it describes the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day (if the link didn't work, here is the actual code: You tube also has several of the stories that I mentioned above being read aloud by famous people.  The kiddos always love hearing and seeing stories on the big screen!
Then we craft and write! I always want to get the kiddos perspective on how they would behave if they ran into a solider out in public (or maybe they have one at home). It amazes me that some of them do know how to show respect to a soldier! That's where we talk about the salute and discuss ways to show respect with kindness, words, and actions. Then we begin our crafting fun. Here our some pics of the AWESOME job they did!

The kiddos really learn a lot about Soldiers, Veterans, and Respect in this unit.  If you are interested, you kind find it in my TpT store for only $1.50! Just click Memorial Day!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Break Give Away

The CONTEST IS OVER! Congrats to Emily!!

Hey all! Congrats for making it this far in the school year without having a heart attack (or at least I hope you haven't had one.....that would be bad and insensitive of me)!! Here's a fun giveaway just for you.  You can win any 2 products from my TpT store as well as from Kitty Kitty Kidergarten and Class Of Kinders! All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below:

Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This is such a fun time of year.  In my classroom the leprechauns visit every year and reek havoc EVERYWHERE! There's green toilet water, to glittery foot prints, to upturned chairs and flipped name tags.  We stay super busy with holiday themed lessons. We complete searches for sight words, ABC order activities, puppets, read Leprechaun stories, graph Lucky Charms, and so much more!  One of my favorite stories to read this time of the year is the Leprechaun's Gold by Pamela Duncan.
It has great characters for character study and the story of events is easy for the minis to follow and retell.  PLUS this book has a hidden mystery.  Inside it has about 18 four leaf clovers hidden in the illustrations! Talk about FUN! The kiddos go nuts trying to find them searching through all the detailed drawings.  Then of course when it is writing time they ALL try to hide details in their illustrations and stories for me to find!
I wanted to add a bit of fluency practice for the kiddos so I created a fun Readers Theater with this holiday theme in mind. The kids have a blast acting this one out! It is all about a boy who catches a Leprechaun and tries to get his gold.  If you would like to take a peek at it you can find it here: The Leprechaun's Gold. {Note: It is nothing like the above story, just share's the same name}
It comes in color and in black and white!

Plus it has a storyboard and characters for a retelling activity.

Thanks for reading to the end! One more quick thought, to celebrate the holiday I am throwing a sale for 3 days! My store will be 20% off!

Do you have any crazy St. Patrick's tricks that you pull on you kiddos? I would LOVE to hear them if you do!
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