Monday, February 1, 2016

Love Letters Freebie and Link Up

Welcome to my FIRST "ITeachKinder" Linkup!
In these monthly linkups, I will be sharing timely tips, teaching strategies, resources, and some freebies with you.  If you like what you see in this blog post, be sure to follow me (or any of the participating bloggers) and check back at the beginning of the each month for a new link up. Today, I will be sharing a free and a paid teaching resource with you that I use during February to keep my kiddos engaged in learning! 
For me a classroom should be built on a community of friendship and love. My kiddos know from day one that we all treat each other we love, respect, and kindness.
 One of the ways that we continue this throughout the year is by writing "Love Letters" to each other. {This unit is perfect for Kinder or First.} 

 I begin this unit in February because it is perfect for Valentine's Day. We learn what a letter is, how to write one, how to address one, and what types of things we would put into a letter.  I begin by reading this awesome book. It is a great way for kiddos to get their "hands on" a real letter. It is called The Jolly Postman by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.
Then the kiddos use a planning sheet to "interview" a friend.

 Finally, the kiddos get to write their letter and "mail" it to their friend.  We make our own envelopes out of construction paper. We also address the envelopes and add a stamp. (All of these things are included in this FREEBIE!) The kiddos are hooked on writing letters after the first time of doing it whole group.  They want to interview and write letters to each other ALL. THE. TIME! It's fabulous! If you would like to try this FREEBIE, just click Love Letter Freebie!

When our kinders and firsties are writing anything, they need a good base of sight words to help carry their stories or letters. Sight Word Hunts are a great way to practice identifying and writing sight words that the kiddos will want to use in their letters. I use this activity every other week in my class. The first week we use it, it is done independently. Then I place the center version of the hunt in a center for the following week. There are 12 different versions of the game so it can be played many times. The particular Hunt that I use to support the above letter writing is called Valentine's Day Sight Word Hunt. The kiddos use magnifying glasses to hunt for sight words.  When they locate a word, they cross it out  on the paper and then write it on the blank provided.Super easy to make, super engaging, and super fun!

If you would like to try this word hunt out in your classroom, just click Valentine's Day Sight Word Hunt.

Monday, January 18, 2016


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an inspiration for many people. To this day he continues to remind us of not only equality for EVERYONE, but to also treat others with kindness and respect. I thank God that he began this promise for our future when he did. I encourage you to instill these beliefs into your personal life and into your classroom.  In honor of his inspiration I am joining many others in a TpT site wide sale.
IF you are looking for ways to teach your kiddos about this wonderful man and his legacy, look no further.  I have an interactive reader all about him in my store. Click Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to see it.
I plan on making sure that every child that crosses my path understands how important it is to practice his beliefs.  I challenge you to also.  Here's a thought, how will you reach out in your community to make sure it continues? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber Smile Sale

Join me (and many others) on TpT for the "Cyber Smile" sale.
This is me in first grade!

On 11/30/15-12/01/15 you can save 28% of my entire store.  Don't worry if you miss the cyber sale, I extended my sale for another day after. On 12/02/15 you will be able to save 20%.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I am so in love with this new look for my blog! In fact I am so excited that I want to give away my new Reading Wonders Vocabulary Pack to celebrate.

  Our county adopted the Reading Wonders Reading Series last year.  The first year using it, we really did not have any supplements to support the learning topics/skill in the series. I developed these vocabulary activities to go along with the ORAL vocabulary words in Units 1-6. This packet includes activities for 150 words. Picture Grids and Tally marks, Quick Draws, and Flip Books.  Here is one of the activities:
One kiddo wears a card on their head, while the other kiddos write clues to the word/picture on their head.

After this selfie was taken the kiddo in the pic said, "Um Mrs. Gingras, now I know what is on my head!" Whoooops!LOL!

Please help me celebrate by entering the Rafflecopter below. I will choose 3 Lucky winners to receive this pack via email.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A NeW LoOk!

Hold on to your hats!! KBB is getting a new look and after it is installed we will have a special giveaway so keep your eyes open!!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Using your 5 Senses FREEBIE

We have been learning about how to be a scientist in my classroom for the past 2 weeks. We discussed tools they use, different types of scientists, how scientists stay safe, and what scientists do.  I created this quick mini unit on how scientists use their 5 senses to observe the world around them.  My kiddos have worked hard on how to use each of their senses individually and together to observe the world around them.
 Tasting (love that face!)
 This is an example of the smell jars activity:
  My class really enjoyed these activities and I think yours will too. So I am offering it up for FREE! Just click here to download it!
Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 4, 2015

B2S Go Noodle Style

I love Go Noodle and use it everyday in my classroom.

It has tons of indoor activities to get kids moving and best of all, IT"S FREE!!!! The class can pick an avatar to represent them and then complete workout/dance/partner games in order to watch their avatar grow.  It is great for goal setting, brain breaks, indoor recess (for rainy days, too hot days, or too cold days), and for getting those never ending wiggles out!  I use Go Noodle EVERYDAY in my classroom and YOU should too!
I am giving away25 of  these Awesome headbands over at my collaborative blog called Planning In Paradise

Head over now to enter to win! After you enter, head over to Go Noodle and sign your class up for some indoor action!
Thanks for stopping in!

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