Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I am so in love with this new look for my blog! In fact I am so excited that I want to give away my new Reading Wonders Vocabulary Pack to celebrate.

  Our county adopted the Reading Wonders Reading Series last year.  The first year using it, we really did not have any supplements to support the learning topics/skill in the series. I developed these vocabulary activities to go along with the ORAL vocabulary words in Units 1-6. This packet includes activities for 150 words. Picture Grids and Tally marks, Quick Draws, and Flip Books.  Here is one of the activities:
One kiddo wears a card on their head, while the other kiddos write clues to the word/picture on their head.

After this selfie was taken the kiddo in the pic said, "Um Mrs. Gingras, now I know what is on my head!" Whoooops!LOL!

Please help me celebrate by entering the Rafflecopter below. I will choose 3 Lucky winners to receive this pack via email.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A NeW LoOk!

Hold on to your hats!! KBB is getting a new look and after it is installed we will have a special giveaway so keep your eyes open!!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Using your 5 Senses FREEBIE

We have been learning about how to be a scientist in my classroom for the past 2 weeks. We discussed tools they use, different types of scientists, how scientists stay safe, and what scientists do.  I created this quick mini unit on how scientists use their 5 senses to observe the world around them.  My kiddos have worked hard on how to use each of their senses individually and together to observe the world around them.
 Tasting (love that face!)
 This is an example of the smell jars activity:
  My class really enjoyed these activities and I think yours will too. So I am offering it up for FREE! Just click here to download it!
Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 4, 2015

B2S Go Noodle Style

I love Go Noodle and use it everyday in my classroom.

It has tons of indoor activities to get kids moving and best of all, IT"S FREE!!!! The class can pick an avatar to represent them and then complete workout/dance/partner games in order to watch their avatar grow.  It is great for goal setting, brain breaks, indoor recess (for rainy days, too hot days, or too cold days), and for getting those never ending wiggles out!  I use Go Noodle EVERYDAY in my classroom and YOU should too!
I am giving away25 of  these Awesome headbands over at my collaborative blog called Planning In Paradise

Head over now to enter to win! After you enter, head over to Go Noodle and sign your class up for some indoor action!
Thanks for stopping in!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Classroom Tools Linky

I am linking up with a fabulous classroom tool that I use in my classroom. Its an AWESOME way to organize your classroom library. In order to see how the system works, I need to tell you a little bit about how my library is used first. My classroom library is made up of two different "shopping areas". The Leveled Library (Our Dinner Books) and the Themed Library (Our Dessert Books). The system in a nutshell is:
1) I give a reading assessment to each kiddo and provide them with a level on a Shopping card.
2) Each kiddo can search for 2 below level books, 2 on level books, 2 above level books, and 1-2 desert books (depending on their level-for example, I am not going to give a level B reader in August 2 desert books because I primarily want them reading the levels on or close to their level)
3) Kiddos shop for books by teams on a different day of the week. (Ex. Team 1 on Monday, Team 2 on Tuesday) This happens during Morning Announcements every morning.
4) Each week as kiddos go to the classroom library to shop, they put their "old" books into a book return bin. Then shop for their "new" books.
5) The classroom helper called the "Librarian" returns all the books to the proper book baskets at the end of each day.

So how did I reorganize to create a better system and clean house? I spread everything out and went through EACH. AND. EXERY. BOOK! (Of course older grades probably don’t have to deal with this but for us younger grades, OH.MY.WORD!!! Talk about a mess!!) Trying to find more different colored dots, stars, shapes stickers to color code books so kiddos know which bin to put them back in.....TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!! As I mentioned above, my books were getting WWWAAAAAYYYYYY out of hand.  This year I noticed that my previous system of writing the levels for the leveled library on the back cover and the themed number for the themed library on the front of each book was confusing (jeez I am even confused just writing that--what in the heck made me think the littles could do it (although they did and it worked for YEARS) but I wanted something less confusing.  Here is a pic of how I organized in the PAST........total waste of time and effort because the system was too confusing for the kiddos to grasp quickly. I ended up reteaching how to put books away and get new books much to often.
So I have developed a better system to keep the library looking great and help books get to the correctspot. I can show you how to Organize a system like this if you choose to do it.
The organization went like this:
1) I kept my two separate leveled (Dinner) and themed (Dessert) libraries but instead of putting them in two separate spots in the classroom, it is all in one area. With the leveled books going across the top shelf.
2) I developed classroom basket labels for the categories (that I have seen my kiddos go to year after year the most) that has words and pictures describing the books that belong in that basket. I also created matching stickers to place on each book within that basket. So NO MORE searching for matching stickers, just print, cut, stick and go!

3) I went through each and every book and separated them into their appropriate category and placed a small sticker in the upper right hand corner.  On this sticker is a word and a picture of the corresponding book basket that the book should go inside.  There are stickers for the leveled library and the themed/genre library
4) I made sure that each book basket had the corresponding word/picture sticker placed on the front/center of the basket.

Now it looks like this:

SO MUCH BETTER (and cute too!)
I am not going to lie, this process was time consuming but WELL worth it. If you are interested in this system, you can get these Classroom Library Labels for $8.50 in my store.

If you would like to get this product for free, just enter the rafflecopter below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
I hope your school year gets off to a great start! You know because as of right now, I actually only finished 1 thing from my summer to do list!
Happy organizing!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

What August Brings.....

August brings school supply shopping, excited kiddos and teachers, nervous parents, and BEST OF ALL the site wide TpT sale!  August 3-4 everything in my store is up to 28% off using the code BTS15 at check out.  But if you happen to miss those days, my store will still be on sale for 20% off of everything on August 5th!  I am so excited to snag some of my wish list items!! How about you??

Sunday, July 5, 2015

JuLy is fLy! (As in flying to VEGAS)

I love the month of July for several reasons!! First of all it is my birthday month (yes, I said month b/c I celebrate all month long!) and second, it is the time of year that the annual TPT Conference happens!!! I am so excited to be headed to VEGAS in just a few days.  I can't wait to see some far away blogger buddies and to meet some new ones!
I have noticed some blogs are offering tips for those of us going to Vegas.  They all mention things like: air port travel/safety, what to pack, what to wear, what shows to see, how to print off your notes for the sessions, and which blogger meet ups to attend (which I am totally BUMMED out about a few b/c they were sold out before I could get tickets).  I have one tip that I hadn't seen written or stated that I would like to add to this ongoing list of preparations.
Obtain and Save ALL your receipts!!!!
This is a great opportunity to learn about our craft as teacher entrepreneurs.  You are taking this trip to educate yourself on your business endeavors and meet wonderful people who are interested in the same thing........TEACHING and MOLDING the little minds of our world. Obtain and save those receipts so that you can claim it on your taxes.  After all, we are teachers and we ALL know how little we make. In fact, for many of you it is probably because of TpT that you are even able to take this trip and have this learning opportunity!

In honor of our FABULOUS opportunity to learn and grow, AND because it is my Birthday, I wanted to share this little FREEBIE with you! 
It is a simple back to school activity that will help reinforce your classroom procedures! Just click All About My Class to get it from my store.

If you are joining the conference this year,  I hope my tip helps you out and that you have a WONDERFUL time in VEGAS!!!

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