Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Too funny!

Okay, so in their teams my kiddos are working hard on writing "How To Carve A Pumpkin" stories.  One little guy wrote, "First you have to take the seeds out and then you carve the pumpkin."  I asked him, "How am I suppose to get the seeds out?  Then I dramatically picked up his teams pumpkin, turned it upside down, and yelled, "GET OUT SEEDS"!  The look on his face was PRICELESS!  HE automatically remembered that he needed to cut the top off first.  I love it when a plan comes together like that!  On another note, the teams also had to decide on a face to carve into the pumpkin.  This one particular team had one little girl who just refused to help out with the face but wanted a small family carved in hers.  Now tell me, how am I suppose to do this?  She must think I am an extremely talented pumpkin carver!
 (Her little family is on the left meanwhile the teams pumpkin face is on the right!)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Walk- A- Thon Fun

At our school we do a Walk-A-Thon fundraiser.  Our kiddos go out (with Mom and Dad's help of course) and raise money for our school.  Then they walk to earn the money.  We set up a huge tunnel at one point in the walk that the kiddos get to run through complete with misters and fog machine.  This year's school theme is "Taking Our Learning Out Of This World" so the tunnel was full of aliens.  They end with line dancing and a popsicle on the basket ball court. Needless to say the kids had a BLAST!! Here are some photos of our fun!

Does your school have any other types of fundraisers besides sending kids out to be salesman?? I would be very interested to know your thoughts!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Glitter Science and a FREEBIE

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Now on to the fun!  We are learning to be scientists and how to use our 5 senses to observe.  In class we did this super fun experiment that I just had to share.  I showed them that if you put glitter in a bowl of water it will float. Then I showed them that if I dip my finger in some dish soap and then put my finger in the bow with the glitter, the glitter will scatter very quickly to the edges of the bowl.  We decide that we wanted to see if this would happen with other types of soap.  We tried shampoo, bar soap, hand sanitizer, and dish soap. Here are some pics of the kiddos in action:

The discovered that all the different types of soap that we tried had the same effect.  They all made the glitter scatter!

Your turn:  Have you found any super cute, fun, hands-on science experiments for your kiddos? I would love to hear from you!

On another note, I just added this FREEBIE to my store.  It is a formative math Assessment for inverse operations. Enjoy!

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