Monday, September 30, 2013

Support Breast Cancer

I have teamed up with TONS of other teacher bloggers to raise money for breast cancer research.  To join us in this cause click above.  You can purchase an awesome K-2 bundle worth well over 150 dollars for only $25.00.  For every purchase of this bundle the money will be donated to breast cancer research!  Whatcha waiting for?????

Friday, September 6, 2013

Classroom Photo Tour 2013

My school does a theme every year.  This year the theme is "Taking Our Learning Adventure Out Of This World." I decided to only decorate the outside of my class to the theme and that the inside would be something that I can keep for a couple years.  I went with designing a black and white chevron with teal and glitter letters for the inside. (You can get them in my store if you like them.)Here is a tour of this years classroom:

Outside my door: It says, "We Are Beaming Up Fabulous Work."  The white poster just says you're work coming soon!

 A view from the other side.  I just LOVE my UFO and little aliens!!

Coming in the door:

Student mailboxes and Math Center/Tubs:

Reading Book Nook and Carpet area:

Listening Center Work Station:

Local Artists Be An Illustrator Center:

Cubbies and Volunteer/Read and Write the Room Center:

Be An Author Center:

Working On Words Center (directly below the Word Wall):

Word Wall (laminate does not take a pretty picture!):

Teacher Station:

And the funny thing is I have already changed some things around!!! I will post more updated pictures (like our classroom time line and new reading area) as soon as I get the chance! It seems like I am always adjusting things as we grow......must be my OCD in overdrive or maybe I am just crazy? Who knows!!!
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