Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Teachers Are Heroes SALE!!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Math Dice Games

We LOVE playing in order to learn.  One of the best ways to play includes working together using math strategies that we have learned to solve problems.  This activity provides TONS of practice with three addend math problems.  All the kiddos need are dice, and their Math Journals! SUPER FUN to play, SUPER EASY to set up, SUPER INDEPENDENT practice for all!

First, we spread out around the room in groups of three.

Then, each partner takes a turn rolling the dice and everyone sites the number that each partner rolls in their Math Journals.  They have to work together to decide what order they want to write the new addition sentence.

Then they work together to decide which math strategy to use to solve the problem. (For example, they use their knowledge of counting on, doubles, doubles +/-1, etc. to make the best decision on HOW to solve the problem.) Then they write why they solved the problem using that particular strategy (or strategies if they used more than one to solve).

In the end, their Math Journals are full of three addend number sentences that they have worked together to create, solve, and discuss!

After playing once or twice with the whole class involved in the outcome, the kiddos LOVE to grab their tools and play alone.  This becomes a HUGE favorite in my classroom. (Parents, it is AWESOME/EASY for practice at home.)

For more fun dice games, I have this Giant Dice Games For Math Centers packet in my store:
It has 42 pages with 15 different whole class and center activities. It includes identifying numbers 1-20, addition facts for numbers 1-20, 1 more/less than numbers 1-20, and 10 more than numbers 1-10.  It has color and black and white available within the packet in case you want to create one or two as Math Tubs/Centers and save the ink for whole class activities! The best part, it is only $2.00 in my TpT store.  (Click the link above if you are interested!)

Thanks for reading!
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