Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Into Learning Blog Hop

Spring is almost here and I can't wait!! I love this time of year. The little minds are lighting up faster and huge gains are always being made. There is just something so special about seeing those little light bulbs go on! For every holiday my kiddos and I love to spread holiday kindness everywhere. One of the ways we do that is by opening a plastic egg everyday and performing whatever act of kindness is inside. Another way we do this is by "egging" other classrooms and the front office.

First we get busy making our easter bunny hats. (Because you can't deliver Easter Eggs if your not an Easter bunny right??) These hats are SUPER easy to make:

1. Get a manilla folder. and create the template (using the photos below). I created 5 templates so that I could have one for each team.
2. Get the large 9x12 construction paper. (White if you want to let them color, or any color that they think the Easter Bunny is....)
2. Lay the large paper flat on the table and allow the kiddos to trace the pattern onto the paper.
3. Cut on the lines.
4. Fold the center portion back and glue it to the left and right sides of the "left over" construction paper.
5. Wear them! They are soooooo STINKIN cute!

Personally I LOVE the first Bunny hats, but if you are short on time........another option for hats could be a paper plate:
(I found this one on Pinterest.)

The next step is too spread some kindness in the classroom and school grounds. Depending on how Easter falls each year, I prepare anywhere between 5-30 plastics eggs for this part.  All I do is print out some random acts of kindness cards:

Then fold them, stick them inside a plastic egg, and number the eggs with a sharpie. Each day a kiddo will pick a different egg to open. Then we simply read and follow the instructions inside.

The final step of our Classroom Kindness is to go around the school and EGG other classrooms. 
1. Fill Eggs with a special wrapped treat.
2. Write sweet notes using the egg writing paper and also put them in the egg.
3. Hide them in another classroom and hang the You've been EGGed sign on their door.
This is so much fun and the kiddos really get into it. If you would like to try it, you can get it in my store for only $1.50


I challenge you to spread a little Easter Kindness this year! Thanks so much for hopping by!

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