Sunday, July 5, 2015

JuLy is fLy! (As in flying to VEGAS)

I love the month of July for several reasons!! First of all it is my birthday month (yes, I said month b/c I celebrate all month long!) and second, it is the time of year that the annual TPT Conference happens!!! I am so excited to be headed to VEGAS in just a few days.  I can't wait to see some far away blogger buddies and to meet some new ones!
I have noticed some blogs are offering tips for those of us going to Vegas.  They all mention things like: air port travel/safety, what to pack, what to wear, what shows to see, how to print off your notes for the sessions, and which blogger meet ups to attend (which I am totally BUMMED out about a few b/c they were sold out before I could get tickets).  I have one tip that I hadn't seen written or stated that I would like to add to this ongoing list of preparations.
Obtain and Save ALL your receipts!!!!
This is a great opportunity to learn about our craft as teacher entrepreneurs.  You are taking this trip to educate yourself on your business endeavors and meet wonderful people who are interested in the same thing........TEACHING and MOLDING the little minds of our world. Obtain and save those receipts so that you can claim it on your taxes.  After all, we are teachers and we ALL know how little we make. In fact, for many of you it is probably because of TpT that you are even able to take this trip and have this learning opportunity!

In honor of our FABULOUS opportunity to learn and grow, AND because it is my Birthday, I wanted to share this little FREEBIE with you! 
It is a simple back to school activity that will help reinforce your classroom procedures! Just click All About My Class to get it from my store.

If you are joining the conference this year,  I hope my tip helps you out and that you have a WONDERFUL time in VEGAS!!!

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