Thursday, May 23, 2013

K EOY Celebration Song

I love the end of the year program.  It is such a fun time for the kiddos to showcase things they have learned. I was getting tired of the usual nursery rhyme poems and songs and had been searching for something fun and upbeat for them to perform.  One day several of my students came in singing "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rea Jepsen.  I suddenly realized they already know that tune and all I would have to do is change the words to make it appropriate for K.  I could not be more pleased with the result that I got.  The kids LOVE the song and knew it in a week.  I figured that if I was looking for something more current than others were too.  I created the song lyrics and movements in the document below for my store.  You can get yours by clicking Hip K Song.

I am always looking for more fun ways to end my year with my kiddos. Have you found any other fun End of the year songs or activities? Would love to hear from you!

Monday, May 13, 2013

How -To Writing in K!

We took about a month diving into writing "How-To" Stories.  They turned out fabulous!

 Here is one of my little guys stories.  He is obviously working with me on adding more details. (He is one of those that you really have to pull it out of.)  Never the less he did a great job teaching about how to swim.
 His cover.

 Step 1: "First you need to practice."

 Step 2: "Next you swim on your belly."

 Step 3: "Then you take a rest." (HA!)

 Step 4: "Next you swim faster."

 Step 5: "Next you get out of the water."

Step 6: "Last you put the towel on."

I just love this time of year and reading how they perceive the steps in doing the things that they do!  I use this unit called Writing How To books to teach this to my kiddos.  It is only $3.00 in my store. 

Once they have the skill, they love to teach the whole class how to do things.  I leave extra "How -To" writing paper in the writing center and they continually head that direction to share what they know.  After my kiddos complete a new book, they place it on my "Sharing Station" book shelf where others can come by and read their stories.  They LOVE seeing themselves as real authors.  I also have an author's chair for sharing during Writer's Workshop time.  However, there is a sharing schedule that we follow to ensure that everyone gets a turn to share.  Having the "Sharing Station" allows them to showcase there work immediately after they finish it!

How do you allow your kiddos to share their stories? Do you have a sharing schedule in your room?
I would love to hear your thoughts. Have a great week!

Monday, May 6, 2013

I Appreciate You!

Teachers have one of the most rewarding and difficult jobs out there.  Teachers have constant worries about their classroom, students, and their students' parents. Worries like; will they like me, will their parents like me, will I get through to this particular group, am I doing everything possible to help them grow and learn, did I spell check my newsletter, did I send my newsletter to be printed on time, I could go on and on!!!!  In honor of teachers everywhere and the MILLIONS of things constantly weighing on our minds (not to mention our own families) I am having a sale at my TpT store.  Thank you for all you do for the children of our world!
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