Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gingerbread Fever FREEBIE!!

I love using the Gingerbread Man Stories at Christmas time to teach compare/contrast, sequencing, characters, settings, retelling, and really just about everything!  This year I am doing 6 different stories with my kiddos.  We use a graphic organizer to keep track of all of our thinking and then glue it into our reading journals.  Then we will practice a Reader's theater and perform it for other classmates and other classes in our school.  Here are the stories that I LOVE to use for this unit.

This is adaptation of the original version of the story.

This is another adaptation of the original version of the story.

 Meet the Gingerbread Man's sister!  The kiddos LOVE the twists and twirls in this story (especially at the end).

Meet The Gingerbread Baby! The kiddos love the surprise ending in this story.

Of course the Gingerbread baby needs some friends! This story tells about how he gets them.

Oh No! Santa is coming! How will the Gingerbread captain save his pirates and his ship? The kiddos love seeing how the day is saved in this adorable story!

These are just a few of my FAVORITE Gingerbread tales.  There are many more out there!

As a class we go through each story and chart the story elements on the following graphic organizer. I model and they copy at first, then we begin to share the pen, then they begin filling out the class chart alone, and finally by the 6th story they are able to complete the entire story row independently. If you would like to try this out, just click Gingerbread Organizer

(In the download, one chart has lines and one chart does not. You can choose which one you prefer to use with your class.)

And finally we put on a reader's theater.  This pack is not on my store just yet but will be soon so keep an eye out for it!  If you love the Gingerbread units as much as I do, you will want to see this Readers Theater and Retelling pack!

Here is a preview:

2 different styles of Reader's theater to save paper...........


Plus a retelling storyboard and characters activity!  So much fun!  Do you have any favorite Gingerbread stories? I would love to know if there are any good ones out there that I might be missing!

Have a FABULOUS Christmas break everyone!
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