Friday, June 13, 2014

End Of The Year Camp Out Fun

Well the year has come and gone.  It has been such a fabulous 2 years with these kiddos.  For our last week of school we had a "Classroom Camp Out".  Everything we did was centered around the theme of camping.  We had a campfire, sleeping bags, pillows, amore's, marshmallow math, and so much more.  They had a blast.

Our classroom campfire.  Simple to make with the kiddos.  Each team was responsible for making one part of it.  Team 1 made the logs, Team 2 made the yellow flames, Team 3 made the red flames, Team 4 made the rocks, and Team 5 made the orange flames.  Then we all came together at the carpet area and built our fire.  Everyday we spent our story time cuddled beside the fire with our sleeping bags.

Of course we still had a ton of work to do so to keep it fun we built ourselves as Campers, gave each other camping nick names, and built sleeping bags to keep all of our End of the year work inside. The sweet sleeping bag poem came from First Grade WOW.

Now there were a ton of wild animals in the forest and we had to get rid of them so we could work.  I challenge each kiddo to eat their wild animals (animal crackers) without using their hands.  I placed one cookie on the top of each kiddos forehead and they had to use only their face muscles to eat it.  It was HILARIOUS!!!! This was a fabulous brain break for these little guys!!

On the last day I present each kiddo with their End Of The Year gifts.  I filled a bucket with lots of Florida Camping Necessities: cookie, binoculars, magnifying glasses, bug catchers, hershey's treat bar, star sun glasses, fire work poppers (your welcome parents!) The cute little tags came from A Cupcake For The Teacher. I had every intention of adding a book but my scholastic order didn't arrive on time. (I'll save them for next year).

How did you end your school year?  Did you have a theme? I'd love to hear other ideas!!
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