Sunday, May 18, 2014

Playground Selfies / Where Is Mrs. G??

We had fun on the playground taking selfies with buddies.  THey loved passing my phone around to take pics of each other! Here is a whole group one just for fun:

On Friday I had to attend a meeting for about half an hour during the day.  While I was gone I gave the kiddos this writing prompt: "Where is Mrs. Gingras?". (Saw it on Pinterest and just had to give it a try.) Of course I staged the whole thing and the person covering my class did an EXCELLENT job of acting like she had NO IDEA where I was or what I was doing.  Their responses are sooooooo funny that I just had to share:

"She is in the closet because the light is on and the door is open. And she is in the closet a lot and she is putting a trick on us." ------ Okay, so NO I am not always in the closet but I DO always have to go in there for something I forgot to set up before a lesson…. BUSTED!!!!

"She went in the office and got kidnapped by a boy and she got knocked out by a frying pan. And she was running to the shoe store to be safe. And she lost her head and bought new shoes instead of getting safe. and she just fainted like the classroom falling off a cliff and everyone was screaming."-----  You know that every girls "safe" place is a shoe store!! Hee! Hee!!

"I think Mrs. Gingras is gone to a conference so we can eat ice-cream, and a very, very, very, very, long one." ----- They did earn an ice cream party that day it must have been all he could think about! :0)

"I think Mrs. Gingras is at a meeting. She has stuff for the meeting. And she went to the mall to buy new shoes" ----- He was very observant…...Obviously by now you know that I have an obsession about shoes! 

" I think she is hiding outside leaving notes for us wherever we go and the teacher that she knows and we don't.  And she is in the bushes at the playground." ----- Yep that's what I like to do, hide in the bushes leaving notes for everyone!!!

This was so fun to do.  I suggest you try it and see where your kiddos think you are. I hope you enjoyed a laugh. I know I did (out loud several times).

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