Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Birthday Sale and Surprise!!

Thursday is my birthday and I have something planned that will definitely make someone (or several someones) VERY happy!  For starters, to celebrate I am having a three day sale at my TPT store and at my TN Store.  Everything in BOTH stores will be %15 off from Wednesday, July 17th to Friday, July 19th.  BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!
Another blogger buddy had her b-day last month and I just loved what she did (Thanks Cathy Irwin of Mrs. I's Class), so I am paying the favor forward. (Hint, Hint: Lots of happy teachers will be getting something for FREE!)  You will have to check back on Thursday to see the details for the really big surprise. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!! It is going to be Legend..............wait for it.......dary!!!

Above graphics and fonts from KB Konnected.  You can get yours at:


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