Sunday, April 21, 2013

Building Words in K

As we dive into Word Families I bring out my trusty bag of letters.  This is the BEST set of letters out there.  It is from Lakeshore Learning.  My kiddos absolutely love using them.  It comes with 20 individual bags of letters with the consonants blue and the vowels red.

I bought them several years ago but they have been used over and over and over again!  One of the activities that my kiddos play with them is Match Mime (a Kagan game - you can learn more about this game at their website).  Basically there are 2 partners. They put a divider of some sort between them (I use old boxes that the Mac books for our school came in). Partner A will say a word and they both build it. Then Partner B will show a thumbs up sign when they are finished building.  Then partner A removes the divider to see if both partners built the word the same way.  The partners then switch roles and continue play in that way until time runs out. We stick to whatever word family that we are learning that week. Below are some photos of their fun.

Have you found an awesome set of letters? Do you have a favorite teaching tool in your room?  Would love to hear your thoughts! Have a great week!


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