Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MLK Weekend

 Okay so this was just too funny not to share.  For those of you who have children you know that when it is loud everything is okay, its those quiet moments that you go "Alright what are you getting into now?".  Well this weekend I was working and the kids were playing.  Then all of a sudden I couldn't hear them any more.  So I went looking all over the house for them.  This is where I finally found them! HA!  I couldn't stop giggling with them.  Yes, they were underneath my youngest's crib!  I must have walked past it 10 times trying to find them and they just thought it was hilarious!

Okay so on to the classroom learning stuff!  Last week we talked about Martin Luther King Jr. and what he stood for.  First we watched a cute little clip about him.  Then we talked about the difference between a "sleepy dream" and a "dream like MLK's".  The next day the kiddos made hand print paintings (one brown hand and one white hand with the earth in the center) and then came up with their own dreams.  They turned out adorable.  Here are a few pics of the kiddos in the process!

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