Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Show! ( AND We have a winner.)

Our Tis The Holidays Giveaway  has ended and we have a winner!  Congrats Patricia J.!!

This Thanksgiving my firsties researched pilgrims and their arrival to the new land.  Each student received a letter and had to come up with a new fact (that they learned in their research) that began with that letter.  Then we performed our little ditty in front of our parents and sang a little holiday song.  They also were able to serve their parents some yummy pumpkin pie.  And of course what is Thanksgiving in school with out making butter!!!  We had a blast in all of our efforts to learn true facts about the pilgrims.  Here are a few quick pics! ("V" was absent :0( so of course I don't have a pic of his letter.) I wish I still had the facts that they composed so that I could write them under each letter but I let them take them home.

Shake, Shake, Shake……..Shake your butter!!

Our school has also raised money to adopt a guide dog.  We actually raised enough money to adopt two.  They are now 7 months old and named Milly and Virgil.  We got a visit from Milly this week.  The kids really enjoyed learning how they are helping a blind person be able to receive more help.
Here are some quick pics of Milly's visit:

That's it for now!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!


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