Friday, June 7, 2013

WOW! Another Year Gone!

The end is here. I am so exhausted! I just don't know any other ways to explain the amount of work that went into my classroom this year (on top of the normal aches and pains that we as teachers go through every year)!  I LOVE teaching and seeing the lightbulbs go ON, its all the other mumbo jumbo that makes it "icky". Every teacher I know works themselves to the bone putting families and selves last because they know that the kiddos in their classroom may "never even know what a bed time story is".  That makes me so sad.  I am happy to say that at least with every group of kiddos that come through my room, they learn to realize the value of a story.  They learn that reading is important to build imagination, self esteem, heart, and knowledge.  I am so proud of my kinders this year that I could BURST! They are an amazing bunch of scientists, authors, writers, explorers, and mathematicians!  I just found out that I am to loop up with these Fabulous kiddos to First Grade.  So for the next year Kindergarten Boom Boom will be embarking once again into First Grade Territory! I can not wait to see the progress that we accomplish together next year!


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