Saturday, June 15, 2013

MAD Scientist Fun Day

Every year we celebrate the end of the year with a special educational field trip to somewhere.   Usually Dinosaur World or Mosi Museum.  However, this year with all of the budget cuts and additional bus fare costs we had to cancel that super fun trip.  My fabulous K team and I refused to let this year end without some kind of FUN end of the year "trip".  So we searched around for alternatives.  Finally, (the wonderful) Ms. Baker found a company called Mad Scientists. This group of scientists actually come to YOUR school and completes hands-on science experiments with the kiddos. Plus, the kiddos get to take most of the experiments home!!!! NO bus money to collect and it was just about $5 a child for this FABULOUS group to come.  I don't know about you but I love a good deal! It was amazing and the kiddos LOVED every minute of it.  Here are some photos and a short clip (at the end) of some of the great stuff they do with the students.
 Dry Ice in the face!

The power of air!

 Cup Ping Pong (Using only your breath to move the Ping Pong!)

 More Ping Pong

 Dry Ice Everywhere

 More Dry Ice fun click the video below to see one of the FABULOUS hands on experiments in action!

Click Mad Scientist Fun if you are interested in having them visit your school.  Thanks so much to Mr. Jeff and his team of scientists for making this day so FABULOUS for our K Kiddos! HAve you found any other Awesome alternatives to expensive Field trips?? Would LOVE to hear from you!

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