Saturday, May 24, 2014

Economics: Team Stores

We finished up our Money and Economics study a couple of weeks ago.  We began with studying money. The different types and amounts.  Then we learned all about producers, sellers, buyers, goods, services, and opportunity costs.  We used several online learning games, texts, and songs to study these topics.  The students were able to earn money throughout the day for acts of kindness, following directions, staying on task, and just being present. Each team decided on a good that they would like to sell.  They each built their products, made commercials and advertisements for them, then set up shop and played store.  The kiddos LOVED this and the creativity was flowing.  Here are some of the pics of our classroom explorations…..

This team built cute little summer journals.


This team built beautiful bracelets and necklaces.

This team built lovely magnetic picture frames for kiddos to hang on their fridges at home.

 This team decided to build puppets: sock puppets, bag puppets, etc.

This team made gorgeous rings.

Then the kiddos came up with stores names, created commercials using iPads, posters for advertisements, and set up shop.

 Good Will Book Store                               Pick A Puppet Store

               Rings and Things                                            Fun Bracelets

Dollar Store

After setting up shop the kiddos took turns playing the part of "buyers" and "sellers".

After purchase their goodies, the kiddos got together with their teams and counted their money made vs. the money they began with. I may have created little monsters!!

Overall this unit was very successful.  They learned so much about purchasing, selling, creating, and money.  How do you teach economics in your classroom? Have you had any success with your littles and this topic?


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