Thursday, March 20, 2014

Writing Book Reviews FREEBIE

We have been hard at work writing book reviews.  Before writing reviews on books we learned how to review anything and everything from My Little Ponies to McDonald's.  We used the same "Review" paper so as we reviewed different things we knew that our format of writing would be the same. When we reached the end of the unit the kiddos learned about comparing books to others, including a quick summary (and not a retelling), adding a hook to keep their readers interested, adding reasons and details for their reasons, and rating their book.  Then they used iPads to create commercials to try and persuade readers to read their favorite book.  We had so much fun with this unit in writing.  Here are a few quick pics and a FREEBIE at the end!

 This little guy reviewed Stone Soup….

This little gal review Ramona…..

THese are a few pics of the kiddos recording and practicing their commercials. They had so much fun adding their own voice to the characters.

If you would like a copy of the writing review page that I use, you can download it here!


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