Friday, February 28, 2014

Natural Resources and a FREEEBIE!

We began our unit on Natural Resources vs. Man-Made Resources and Fast vs. Slow changes on Earth's Surface this week.  We have a series of hands-on experiments and activities planned. This is just the beginning. Here are a few fun picks of us in action!

This is our Anchor Chart of Resources. The stickies are all of their resources sorted into groups.

We went on a nature walk and used arrows to point out Natural or Man-Made Resources. She is pointing to the sun!

Look, a pole!

A jump rope…..

Then we added all of our findings to a GIANT Chart to hang in the hallway!

If you would like to try this activity and much, much more (over 3 weeks of plans) you can get it here Earth's Surface Science Unit

Within this study we play lots of cooperative learning games.  I wanted to share one with you for FREEEE!
Click here to download it!

Happy Friday everyone!!


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