Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Character Traits

We have been studying character traits for the past couple of weeks.  I developed a Reader's Workshop Mini Unit to help with our studies that is leading us into Realistic Fiction in Writer's Workshop.  We have been learning that characters have traits and the difference between the types of traits that characters possess.  We learned that Character Traits are how the character thinks and feels and  Physical Traits are how they look. Then we moved on to creating our own characters to use in our Realistic Fiction Stories.  It has been so much fun and the kids really got into developing their own characters!  Here are some pictures of their creations.

We began this unit talking about what a trait can be using the anchor chart below.
The mini lessons, anchor chart pieces, graphic organizers, and craftivity can be found in my unit at Character Studies
This was a great way to break down and understand characters even better for my kiddos.  What are some things you have done to increase the level of understanding of characters and their traits?


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