Sunday, March 31, 2013

Learning Landforms

We are about half way through our study of the different types of landforms.  We made these cute little flip books and I love them so much I just had to share!  For each landform we added details (with chalk, paint, torn paper, and whatever else their little minds decided to use) to represent trees, flowers, waves, shells, etc.  After their books were made the kiddos added little cards to each landform.  The cards had descriptions of each landform.  The students glued the cards on so that you could lift it like a flap and see the name of the landform it was describing.  Below are some photos of the day we worked on hills.  The other completed parts of the book that you will see in the photos are: Mountains, Volcanoes, and Canyons. The last photo is a completed book.

The landform riddles on the front came from a fabulous first grade blog called First Grade Wow and I just "tweeked" them a bit to suit my Kindergarten needs.  Nancy has a wonderful landform unit available there.  It goes across the curriculum in several ways. Totally worth looking into if you are a K, 1, or 2 teacher!  I just love Nancy!

The completed books go on to show: Plains, Islands, and the Ocean. Next week we are going to focus on the types of landforms that we see where we live.  At the end, the students built a 3-D landform model to represent what they have learned about the landforms. Here are so photos of their creations!

How do you teach landforms?  How do you assess the kiddos at the end of your landform unit?

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  1. In the past I have had students make the landforms I say using playdoh so I can assess them. However, I really, really like your idea of having them make paper dioramas at the end of the unit. Thanks for the great ideas!


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