Monday, January 7, 2013

Prediction Pail

This is a Prediction pail.  When I introduce a new story for Shared Reading we always take a picture walk first and make predictions.  The kiddos write their predictions on a prediction page then fold them up and put them in the pail.  The next day we read the story.  The kids are so excited to open up their prediction pages and show everyone if they predicted what would happen!
Click here for a FREE download of our prediction sheet.  Prediction Pail


  1. After seeing this I have been seeing cute buckets everywhere to use! All my new buys for the new school year are starting to stack up in our spare room (I'm hoping my husband doesn't open the door) but a pink prediction pail will need to be added I think :)

  2. I am glad that you found a lot of great buys for the new year! (I'll keep my fingers crossed that he doesn't open that door!) Thanks for commenting!

  3. The prediction pail is such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing. :) I am following you now and looking forward to stopping by again soon.

    Read with Me ABC


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